Pearl Jam - No Code

This was one of the albums I received while in a “CD monthly” club. While everyone said it sucked I really enjoyed the little postcards you got with the pack and the actual cover. Pearl Jam were doign the LOMO thing before it was cool.

After a little WIKI searching I found out the cover is even more deep than I first realised.

“The album package consists of 144 polaroid photos that unfold into a 2×2 square, and the pictures, when viewed from afar, blend to form the No Code triangle/eyeball logo that is the theme throughout the album. Later pressings of the album fold into a 1×4 strip, thus losing the ‘hidden message’ effect. These later pressings also include the band name and album title printed directly onto the album cover – the original release contained this information on a removable sticker. Hidden allusions to the central packaging concept are a common trait among many Pearl Jam albums.”

No Code - Triangle

I wonder if the catholic church know about this!!