Pet Shop Boys: Yes

If ever there was doubt about what was the inspiration behind the latest cover for “Yes” from the Pet Shop boys I think this quote covers it all.

“When we had our first meeting about this album, Neil and Chris said that this was their most ‘pop’ album in a long time and the idea of creating something very bright and colourful – as we had for their ‘Introspective’ album – really appealed to them,” says Mark Farrow. “They had also been inspired by the Gerhard Richter 4900 exhibition at the Serpentine gallery which featured panels of brightly coloured squares.”

Farrow Design once again provided the design and continue their long stading relationship with the band. While some record labels treat design agencies like disposable toys it’s nice to see bands sticking by design houses for extended periods of time.

Here is Gerhard Richter (that has to be one of the most German names I have ever heard) talking about his 4900 exhibition.

Personally I hate this type of minimal art BS. But I do like it when juxtaposed with a stained glass window like this one featured on his Wikipedia page for the Cologne Cathedral.

Cologne Cathedral

Is the colored squares forming a “tick” which is a literal translation of the album name lazy or inspired? While I think in an artistic sense it is lazy (or uninspired) from a graphic design point of view I think its a beautiful solution. The art can be easily translated to a number of mediums and it lends itself to a multitude of remixes and interpretations for future singles. As seen below with the Love Etc. singles. And more importantly, for bands these days, it was probably cheap to produce. Although Farrow’s services would not come cheap.

Pet Shop Boys Love Etc.
Pet Shop Boys Love Etc. 2
Pet Shop Boys Love Etc. 2 Black

Oh and to throw in another positive the artwork reduces down to a thumbnail well and so browsing iTunes or Amazon it’s simple enough to stand out.

The album photos also features the coloured squares breaking up photos of the duo. This might have been done to hide the fact they only had two photos and no idea for this part.

Pet Shop Boys Love Etc. Lowe
Pet Shop Boys Love Etc. Tannant

In addition to the album there was also a Limited Edition double disc seen below.

Pet Shop Boys Love Etc. Limited Edition

But you can’t call yourself a fan unless you buy the super limited edition 11 x vinyl edition which will consist of the album tracks split over eleven separate vinyl records, each in a coloured sleeve, all housed in a smoked Perspex case. Yours for just £300! Ouch. Sorry they are sold out already.

Here’s two highlights;

• Additional 12th sleeve contains giclee art print hand signed and numbered by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, plus heavyweight information card containing full track list, credits and colour key.
• When correctly arranged the eleven album sleeves will allow you to make up your own tick, measuring some eight feet in length.
(Why would you want to do this!! Seriously) If you have done this please send us the photo.

Pet Shop Boys: Yes Super Limited Vinyl
Pet Shop Boys: Yes Super Limited Vinyl 2
Pet Shop Boys: Yes Super Limited Vinyl 3
Pet Shop Boys: Yes Super Limited Vinyl 4
Pet Shop Boys: Yes Super Limited Vinyl 5

These limited edition sets were produced by The Vinyl Factory which seems to be making a name for itself producing hi-end fan porn.

If anyone has paid attention to what NIN has been doing lately you can see that this trend is here to stay. It seems to be a legitimate way for fans to make some real dosh. It’s the new basketball cards where collecting stuff will someday pay off….

This time the album is white and the limited editions are black where as it was the opposite for the “Fundamental” album which was black with the single in white.

Here is the official film clip and the pre-release “listening clip” for the Love Etc singles. I love that labels are embracing the “listening clip” as a legitimate way to promote a song.

Here’s the official clip. Sad no pixels in this one. It reminds me of a Gilbert and George piece of art.

As we always seem to hark on about it’s nice to see the Pet Shop Boys official site take on the look of the album. Although I wish they would do away with the 100% flash interface, especially in the news section.

PSB site

Lastly the actual CD itself (yes music still comes on CD’s) is devoid of colour.

Pet Shop Boys: Yes CD

Freud’s Corner: Is the tick a subconscious symbol for the male erection?

You can read more about the cover here on Creative Review’s blog.