Pinebender: Too Good to Be True

What I love about this cover by Ohiogirl’s Andy Mueller (who also runs the record label Ohiogold which released this album) is that no only do you get a small notepad to design your own CD cover but on the first pressing they even included a lead pencil into the jewel case. This was released in 2003 and won a few awards and was featured in the 2003 Communication Design Annual.

What struck me about this now is that it Beck’s The Information album seems to have been inspired by this creative piece of design. Right down to the blue grid paper. Big Active just won a Gold Pencil at D&AD for it too. Beck did a great job with their release by creating a gallery and a community around the cover which Pinebender could have done, but back in 2002 community sites weren’t as big as they are now.

Making the decision to make the actual physical album a collectors item is a great idea. I want to get my hands on it and I didn’t care what the musics like.