Era Vulagris 2

It’s been a while since i’ve seen any album covers that spins my wheels enough that i feel like talking about it. But when Jason Noto, from the very talented and creative Morning Breath Inc sent us the latest QOSTA cover and all the accompanying artwork, i decided i oughta pull my finger out.

I think it’s worth mentioning that QOTSA’s previous album ‘Lullabies To Paralyze’, although a great album, had one of the worst covers i’ve ever laid eyes on. It looked like someone’s friend had a friend, and that friend had a cousin who did “design”,who took a flaccid stab at it.

So it was a relief to see such a badass cover created for ‘Era Vulagaris’. It’s the kind of cover that you’d want on vinyl, even if you didn’t have an LP player, just so you could look at it in a larger format. The font it perfect, the illustrations remind me of 50′s-60′s drive-in food intermission characters (like the ones playing on the screen behind Danny in ‘Grease’ while he’s banging on about that chick Sandy, who he ain’t banging), except these characters are a pair of skeezy burnout hoods bathed in hot pants pink.

Jason was kind enough to fill us in on the how the cover design came about.

“So here’s a little back story of the QOTSA Era Vulgaris package. We have had a working relationship with their management for some time, working with some of the other artist, etc. The groups manager thought we would be a good match for Josh’s mindset and wanted to get us on board with the Era artwork. We sent them samples of some of our more personal work so the band could vibe off of. Their was a page in our book “The Early Bird” that struck a chord with Josh, it was an illustration of a retro advertising style of beer and cigarette characters.”


“It was at this point that we could share the same appreciation of nostalgia in art, and a sense of fucked up humor. Josh was really into the idea of that bizarre retro vibe and the idea of cute characters that have that underlying purpose of enticing kids to get into fucked up habits. Josh threw a few ideas our way of characters he’d like to see, and we just ran with it. This may be one of the first packages we’ve done that had a true taste of the kind of artwork we love to produce.”


Album back cover and vinyl singles.


Inside Packing Poster

Inside Package Poster

Single covers and inserts.

QOTSA single 1
Single Insert 1
QOTSA single 2
Single Insert 2

Massaged fun holes everyone!

QoTSA single 3
Single Insert 3
QOSTA sinlgle 4
Single Insert 4