Radiohead: Amnesiac Deluxe Edition

We would have posted this earlier but Rob had packed up the album in a box and we couldn’t find it.

This was the first album I remember seeing fancy packaging for and wanted to buy it for that reason alone. There must have been other before but this one sticks in my mind.

The “limited edition” was presented in a red hard bound book filled with illustrations by Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke, who went by the pseudonym of “Tchocky”. Stanley has pretty much done all of Radiohead’s covers and is now working on Radiohead’s as yet unfinished 7th studio album.

I really dug the fake library card and pocket that holds the CD.

Radiohead: Amnesiac Inside 1

Radiohead: Amnesiac  Book Open

There are numerous references to “F Heit451″ which refers to Ray Bradbury’s book burning sci-fi novel Farenheit 451 which looks to made into a movie in 2009 with Tom Hanks.

Note the spine damage mentioned in the library card isn’t evident on the deluxe edition. It would have been nice if the label could have hired someone to tear each book up but I guess the book was expensive enough to produce.

Radiohead: Amnesiac Spine

I’m not a fan of the actual illustrations though. Most look like art school BS.

Radiohead: Amnesiac  Book Pages 1
Radiohead: Amnesiac  Book Pages 2

This packaging won the Grammy for Best Recording Package which was picked up this year by Tool for 10,000 Days.

The standard edition CD is a photo of a red hard board book with a broken spine. This is featured on the last page in the deluxe edition.

Radiohead: Amnesiac Standard Edition