Rafale: Rock It, Don’t Stop It

I always feel the urge to fake the fact I haven’t heard of these artists in a feeble attempt to sound knowledgeable and up to date. But sadly all I can say is I really like the cover art. It fits perfect with the music while being original and visually striking. It’s also campaignable. I can see this style being explored further with posters, albums, singles and other medium without having to repeat the same exact visual.

Rafale are a duo coming from French britain (St Brieuc). This is their 1st 12″ with 2 remixes on it: Tacteel (from TTC) and Tepr. So I feel a little better I haven’t heard of them considering I’d need to be a regular at the clubs to have heard their tracks. After sampling the tunes on the label’s Myspace page it’s not too bad.

The artwork was done by Akroe (AKA Etienne Bardelli) who looks to be a very famous Parisan designer (previously a graffitti artist) who’s done everything from logos to store installations to fashion spreads. Kinda like Australia’s Ken Done only much cooler. His work has a distinct style but he’s not afraid to mix it up like some designers.

There is a great interview with Akroe here on Guillotine. I’ve linked up the english version but French is also available. There’s also a 120 page book about his work available here.

Here’s the back of the album which is a nice extenstion of the front art.

Rafale: Rock It, Don’t Stop It Back

Also here’s what the actual vinyl looks like. Sadly we weren’t sent these to photograph. I had to grab it off the Myspace page again. Note to labels. We love freebies :)

Rafale: Rock It, Don’t Stop It Vinyl

If I had to describe the album art to someone over the phone I’d say “It looks like Cousin It from the Adam’s Family came out of the closet and was attending the Sydney Mardi Gras.”