Regurgitator: Tu Plang

This album along with Tool’s “Aenima” and Sepultura’s “Chaos A.D” are the few albums I remember buying and still have on rotation in my Itunes. I’m tempted to try and find the original in the garage but then I remembered how much crap is in there and would rather sit in my warm bean bag instead.

Sadly I know little about the artwork and who is behind it. My guess is Quan from the band designed it as he also looked after their film clips too. But sadly I no longer have Quan on my speed dial to confirm :) I think Quan made the band’s website too? Which hasn’t changed since 2001!

Regurgitator is one band that reinvented themselves many times and also had a lot of original and tongue in cheek artwork. They almost deserve a feature unto themselves. But as those long features take ages I’ll just have post this cover until the Gurg get in touch.

It’s not often you get a cover that features a foriegn language so heavily on the cover. I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure this had a sticker on the front to so you didn’t get mixed up in the World Music section. “Tu Plang” is thai for Jukebox, which is how you would describe this album. It’s a mish mash of sounds and styles with songs juxtaposing the each other. That’s probably why it’s my fav album of theirs too.

Here’s the rest of the artwork. It’s been a while since I’ve seen song lengths on album artwork too.

Regurgitator: Tu Plang Song List
Regurgitator: Tu Plang CD Base
Regurgitator: Tu Plang Back

Oh and I can’t mention the album without a nod to the hit “Kong Foo Sing”. That rocked my joint back in 96.