Murmur: Various

The smaller the budget the bigger the restrictions, and the smarter you have to be to solve the client’s problem. This design solution for Murmur Records from Bunch is just that. Iconic, visually arresting and cheap to produce. These debut releases from Murmur are bound to be collectors items.

Murmur: Various
Murmur: Various

The cover above is from the first release from Rekleiner titled “Some People”, which sold out in a week. Future releases will keep the same cover design while the label colour changes. Here’s the next two releases for “Reclick & Nick Curly” and “Bearweasel”.

This will be a pain in the ass for the colour blind DJ’s out there.

Murmur: Various

They could also mix it up by inversing the cover with white on black! In fact here’s one I prepared earlier :)

Murmur: Various Inversed

Looks pretty sweet but this might increase the printing costs?

The ID for Murmur is carried across into posters which are more understated.

Murmur Poster

I first came to know Bunch from their collective logo design site Made in Bunch. It’s still going and is a great example of how the design community love to share. Name another industry that shares at this level for no profit or reason?

Bunch are a talented bunch

This is one of my favs. Maybe because I love bread. Mmm bread… other white meat!

Bunch Bread

I spoke to Bunch who were kind enough to send me some rejected/initial designs for the Murmur ID. It’s quite interesting to see the different executions and how different the final direction is. All ideas revolved around the die cut in the middle of the vinyl. Thanks Bunch for sharing these.

Murmur: Concept 1
Murmur: Concept 2
Murmur: Concept 3
Murmur: Concept 4
Murmur: Concept 5
Murmur: Concept 6
Murmur: Concept 7
Murmur: Concept 8

Offtopic: I’d love to get this type treatment as a wall sticker like the one’s at Blik. Check out the Threadless set are prepare to spend your cash. Although they don’t deliver to Australia which is lame.

Blik Threadless = Cool

In fact that’s how I imagine the Murmur office reception area to be. Something like this below.

Murmur Office Imagine