Roisin Murphy: Overpowered

One of my favourite album covers, and subsequent single design from last year is Roisin Murphy’s ‘Overpowered’. The concept came from Scott King’s idea of Roisin representing a ’24-Hour Pop Star’, whether grabbing a bite in a greasy spoon, riding the
bus into town, or doing her shopping. Dressed in glamorous and extravagant outfits designed by the
likes of Gareth Pugh, Givenchy and Viktor & Rolf, she looks ready to perform at a moments notice.

The back cover is a simple type affair.

Roisin Murphy: Overpowered Back

While the inside fold out is a collection of quotes, statements and excerpts from the treatment for the film clip. A nice quote is “I got signed to EMI because I reminded them of Robbie Williams” Roisin Murphy. There’s plenty more so check it out when you’re in the local record shop.

Roisin Murphy: Overpowered Inside
Roisin Murphy: Overpowered Inside 2
Roisin Murphy: Overpowered Inside 3

The images (Art Directed by Scott King, Photographed by Jonathan De Villiers) encapsulate her love of flamboyance and natural eccentricity as a popstar ‘street diva’. In combining banal situations and the glamourous absurdity of costumes and lighting, it highlights the sense of the popstar construct, but in a fresh and exciting way. I also like the simple neon coloured labels written in hand script text, it doesn’t take over the image and is a visual cherry on top of a camp christmas cake.

The three singles (forth to be released in July) each feature an over the top dress and similar situation to the cover. The single “Overpowered” features a dress by Viktor & Rolf.

Roisin Murphy: Overpowered Single

The second single “Let Me Know” features a dress by Gareth Pugh. Who according to the Wiki page had “yet to sell a single dress” as of March 2007. Let’s hope this cover shoot helped him afford bread this week.

Roisin Murphy: Let Me know

The third single “You Know Me Better” features a dress by Givenchy. She’s also drinking a Guiness, which relates to her Irish heritage.

Roisin Murphy: You Know Me

Roisin has a pretty good Youtube channel found here. With behind the scenes montages of the photoshoots from this album in addition to film clips and live videos.

Mini interview with Scott King and a behind the scenes look at the album cover shoot.

Here’s an Interview with Roisin. Which has embedding disabled?! Silly!

Here’s another random shot of Roisin from the shoot.
Roisin Murphy on the bus

CR Blog also have a good review of the cover here. Which I grabbed the fold out images from to save me from having to scan them.

The photographer Jonathan De Villiers recently shot this great campaign with DDB London below for Harvey Nicholss. More info here.

Jonathan De Villiers Bubble