Rolled Gold+: The Rolling Stones

It’s a testiment to the Rolling Stones that the original Rolled Gold (the best of) was released over 30 years ago. This version has been titled Rolled Gold+ and you have to thank someone for not calling in Rolled Gold 2.0 which was probably mentioned in a meeting. Thankfully this version of the album not only has more songs but the cover and package is much sexier. The album is available in double CD, quadruple vinyl LP, and USB flash drive editions; the USB edition was the first album to be released in the UK in this format. It is also available via digital download.

I’ve timed this post with the release of Shine A Light in Australian cinemas which has been getting rave reviews. “If you’re a fan of music in anyway you must see this it’s F’ng awesome” was Jon’s quick review to me. Jon runs Guitar Noize which is the best guitar blog out there. Also if you’re a guitar fan you can win a signed Keith Richards guitar here. We’ll split the Ebay money if you win.

This album is a relrelease and enhancement of the 1975 release by the same name. Here’s the original 1975 cover for comparison. I kinda like the bubble type when it’s small. According to this discography the original album was unauthorsed by the Rolling Stones. Which seems weird. Does anyone know the full story?

Rolled Gold: The Rolling Stones 1975
Rolled Gold: The Rolling Stones 1975 Back

As with all covers these days you need to allow for a sticker to contain all the text info that would make your cover design look cluttered. Here’s the jewel case with that sticker. This is probably more important in this version as the typography isn’t the easiest to read and original Rolling Stones fans would be getting on a bit and have trouble dechipering it.

Rolled Gold+: The Rolling Stones Jewel Case

The cover was designed and art directed by Zip Design with the typography skills of Alex Trochut. What sparked my interest in this cover was Alex showcasing it in his recent talk at Semi Permanent in Sydney. He took us through his entire creative process and evolution of his work and I found it one of the most honest and well through out talks of the two days.

He mentioned that Zip Design had contacted him and referenced a previous piece of his work as the direction they wanted to take for the cover. This piece is below which was a piece for a film festival.

Alex Trochut 3 Minute

Zip Design had actually pitched a gold version to the client and sent this to Alex. (Note: I’ve mock this up as Alex only showed this at the talk it wasn’t available online)

Alex Trochut 3 Minute Gold Pitch

The cover itself is just part of the package you get with this album. The whole pack has been put together really well and presented as a collectors item for fans. This might seem obvious but I just got the Indiana Jones DVD boxset and it’s stripped to the bare bones with cheap DVD cases and no booklet at all. It relly felt cheap once I opened the pack which was dissapointing.

Rolled Gold: LP Expanded
Rolled Gold: LP Parts
Rolled Gold: LP Sleeves

For those wondering what are the new tracks on the + edition of the album you can visit the WIKI page for the full rundown.