Yeh yeh, chicks, cars, guns it’s a dissemination of male fantasies…sure..whatever. Cliched hiphopism aside Bill Sienkiewiczs‘ cover art for The RZA as Bobby Digital debut was a sweet deal for any fans of comic art and 70′s/80′s movie posters.

The composition is all Indiana Jones/Bond/Star Wars of the late 70′s/early 80′s (Sienkiewicz actually did some poster art for Return of the Jedi) with that collage of movie moments at various scales thing that I can’t get enough of.

-Plus the washed out pastels make it look old and less cartoony, more ‘designy’ like Robert McGinnis‘ Bond posters.

Replete with fake movie titles – it’s classy and detailed. If I’d come up with some out there alter-ego who’s all about bitches,guns,coke and high tech weaponry and my commisioned artist handed this in, I’d be well chuffed.

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