Shape of Broad Minds: Craft of The Lost Art

I’m a sucker for an illustrated cover, especially one so intricate and sexy as this one. I’m not sure what the brief was but microscopic underwater fantasy is what they ended up with. How that fits into the theme of the album is anyone’s guess but does it really matter? I need to retract my statement about Hip Hop having a bad reputation for artwork.

Here’s the back cover which is reminds me of an overly complicated Roger Dean illustration for Yes.

Shape of Broad Minds: Craft of The Lost Art Back

If you’re lucky enough to track down a limited edition LP it features glow in the dark ink and spot varnishes. You can only just make this out on the photo below. Here’s hoping Lex can throw one our way so I can photograph better.

Shape of Broad Minds: Craft of The Lost Art LP

The designer EH Questionmark are the same people who did the sexy UK version of DangerDoom. Lex was also the record label. EH? put a site up already!

The release details were thoughtfully put onto a top left corner sticker. This looks like a bit of a Lex trademark as they have done this with other releases too.

Shape of Broad Minds: Craft of The Lost Art

Shape of Broad Minds is a relatively new hip hop group featuring Dr Who Dat?, Jawwaad, Jneiro Jarel, Panama Black, Rocque Wun. A quick check of Jneiro’s Wiki page reveals that all but Jawwaad are alter egos of Jneiro.

Shape of Broad Minds Group

I guess you can demand a bigger tour bus if you use a few extra names. And conversations like “Sorry bro, we need another $5k for the tour. Yeah Panama Black needs bail money and Dr Who Dat? needs to pay the hoochies” can be expected :) Here’s Jnerio talking to Urb magazine on his fav hip hop alter egos.

I’ve only sampled the tunes on their Myspace page and it’s not your standard hip hop tunes here. It’s more intune with MF Doom and the more experimental beat masters. Note: I’m talking way outside my pay grade on hip hop so please take my comments with a grain of salt or feel free to educate me in the comments.

An EP title “The Blue Experience” was released before the album. Is it just me or is this artwork mildly sexually suggestive? Anyone studying psychology like to elaborate on that?

Shape of Broad Minds: The Blue Experience

I also found this orphaned piece of art that seems to be a half finished version of the cover. What ever it is I offer it here for your viewing pleasure.

Shape of Broad Minds: Craft of The Lost Art Art

And if that wasn’t enough underwater doodling to keep you happy Lex just released 20 minute mix titled “Raiders of the Lost Mix”. MP3 here. As this is a free download the artwork is less important. In fact I’m not even sure what the artwork is for?

Shape of Broad Minds: Raiders of the Lost Mix

And if you’re a huge fan and want a desktop based off the artwork the best I can offer is this background tile I took off their Myspace page. I had to clean up the edge too. They work quite well.

Shape of Broad Minds Desktop Tile Shape of Broad Minds Desktop Tile 2