Janée Meadows recently sent us the artwork she created for the upcoming Donnas album. As a fan and the fact i think the cover is fantastic i couldn’t resist posting it. The artwork instantly takes me back to the great days of 80′s metal, especially the hair bands which unashamedly rocked my teenage years. Airbrushing was the weapon of choice on most 80′s metal bands covers and the dayglo purples and pinks set off the black works brilliantly. This cover could easily be the flipside to Motley Crue’s ‘Too Fast For Love’ but given a glammed up makeover. I really miss band logos like this and this would be totally worthy of being emulated in thousands of school textbooks and lockers.

Too Fast For Love

The Donnas supplied Janée with album covers from Girlschool, Blondie and Deep Purple (i have no idea what album this is) for reference.

Deep Purple

Leather, boots and attitude. the band photo looks like it was taken straight out of an 80′s Metal Edge or Hit Parader magazine.

Back Sleeve

The Sisters are doing it for themselves. The purple feathers is a nod to The Donnas own label Purple Feather Records.

Inner Sleeve
Disc Art

It would be a crime not to release this album on vinyl, the artwork deserves to be treated to a larger canvas and would look perfectly at home amongst any hair metal collection.