Tool - Undertow

You don’t often see cover art like this anymore. Just a simple graphic element that withstands any trends. It’s timeless. The less you explain to the viewer the more intrigue you create. Fans of bands like Tool love to see the hidden messages and codes in the artwork (even if they weren’t intentional). Could this be one of the first Goaste’s?

This cover art was actually banned in many USA stores. Not due to the rib cage but the contents of the photos within. A fat woman, a cow licking its anus, a board on forks and the band members with acupuncture needs in their face.

Tool Undertow Pig
Tool Undertow Fat Lady
Tool Undertow Cow

Judging by the censorship of the Fatboy Slim album it could have been purely the fat lady.

If you hold the cover artwork up to the light, the fat lady sites nicely inside the rib cage on the cover. Deep.

Tool Undertow Fat Claw

In response to the covers removal from stores, Tool quickly put out an alternate version which featured just a bar code and a note from the band inside.

Tool - BarcodeTool - Undertow Note from band

You can sense the contempt form the band at having to change their artwork. If anyone has a bardcode version I’m willing to fork out cold hard cash for it so contact me.