Trent Reznor: Year Zero

Where do you start with this album. The cover art itself is a pretty bland affair, it’s nice and creates feeling of unease but it’s what buying the CD lets you experience that really makes this release special.

Year Zero colour change
Firstly there is the heat sensitive CD or Thermo-chrome disc if you want to get all technical. Play it for 40 seconds and the label changes colour to reveal a secret message. Note how the photographer above went to his local library to check out the CD. Nice work.

This is bringing back memories (painful ones) of Hypercolour shirts.

Here’s a video of someone attacking the CD with a hairdryer.

And if your a NIN fan you must have been involved in the Year Zero Alternate Reality Game. Rather than try to explain it just check the NIN WIKI for all the info. Whoray! for obsessed fans.

Trent himself has been quoted as saying the CD is outdated and what people want is DRM free music. Well for someone who put so much effort into the packaging of his latest CD this seems a little hypocritical.

More info can be found on the WIKI entry for the album.