T.Rex: Electric Warrior 500×500

I showed my lack of music knowledge (or is that age) when I posted Justice’s † album. Little did I know it was ‘inspired’ from another classic Hipgnosis cover, T.Rex’s Electric Warrior.

Looking at this cover it doesn’t feel like its 36 years old. It feels as fresh today as it must have been back in 1971. Well maybe the shoes give it away.

The powerful stance of Marc Bolan and his electric aura just makes you want to rock out with an air guitar.

The album was remastered in 2003 and contains extra tracks and studio photos.

Electric Warrior Remastered

This is probably your best bet if you need to track this classic album down.

Beck actually named this in his top 50 favorite album covers and I’ll have to agree with him there, it’s iconic and original. See the full list here.