A perfect look for a modern ‘electro-soul’ band gaining its inspiration from 70′s P funk. What I particularly like about this cover is how real it looks. You can instictively tell straight away that the image wasn’t generated by a computer, that it was created by hand.

Rachel Thomas created the sets out of materials ranging in texture from styrofoam to perspex. Still life photographer Dan Tobin Smith lit and shot the objects. Design and the custom typeface for the band was created by Andrew Murabito.

Back cover:


CD print:


Love Ya Single Cover:
(Created in Perspex. Letters were suspended in front of the lips which stood approx 5 foot high.)

Unklejam - Love Ya Single

Unklejam - Love Ya Insert

Stereo Single Cover:
Created using Perspex and rubber (cords)

Unklejam - Stereo Single

What Am I Fighting For Single Cover:
(Created using Perspex)

Unkle Jam - WAIFF Single