Vega4: You and Others Front

While I can’t say I’m a fan of the music (or the band’s name, it’s one down from Maroon 5), I do like this series of covers for Vega4′s debut album and subsequent singles. One major aspect of Big Active’s work is that they rarely do a single execution. There is always a series of interlinked images each complimenting the others. This is great for me posting as there’s lots to show.

Vega4: Traffic Jam

Vega4: You and Me

I’m guessing this is an alternate cover for the album below.

Vega4: You and Others Alt Front

Doesn’t this make you want to run out with a bunch of plastic bags and your camera and have a go?

Set design by Lyndsay Milne and photography by Annabel Elston. Annabel’s shot an outdoor furniture series in 2004 for Tord Boontje. I’m guessing this may have been a reason she was chosen for this cover shoot.

Tord Boontje Annabel Elston

My only real criticism is that it reminds me of Stefan Sagmeister’s “Things I learned in my life so far” series from 2005. Here’s one of several sentences he has created.

Stefan Sagmeister’s Things I learned in my life so far

It’s fresh in my mind as I just watched his inspiring TED talk last week. He’s not only a great designer he’s a great speaker too.

You also have to admire the skills of their manager for launching their single “Life Is Beautiful” in the US via Grey’s Anatomy. Check it on Last.FM it’s their most popular track by far.

Just like Snow Patrol, (same producer) the band’s enjoying much success by lending their track to an episode. Take note bands you need more than a Myspace page to make it big.

Lastly, while researching this cover I noticed the band is actually promoting a different cover for the album on their Myspace page. An uninspired white version. I’m not sure if this is the same album or this is just the US cover? Forgettable and unoriginal to say the least. I doubt Big Active was involved with this and this was an in-house job to make the cover more “sellable” to the female audience.

Vega4: You and Others US