Verve: Remixed 1

I’ve seen this around for years and I always thought it was “The Verve” remixed. Now I find it’s actually Jazz remixed I’m interested. Verve records has a good amount of info & media on the series here.

What makes this series stand out for me is the strong concept behind it. Each new cover is cleverly art directed and shot beautifully and continues the concept of the series on nicely.

You can also pick up the “unmixed” album containing the original recorded jazz songs. These covers use the same set piece but photographed in a different environment or lighting.

Verve: Unmixed 1

Here’s Remixed2 and Unmixed2. reminds me of Athelete’s Tourist. “Remixed2″ came out in 2003 vs “Tourist” in 2005 for those interested.

The sculpture titled “Sound Installation #7″ by David Ellis seems to be a working musical instrument.

Verve: Remixed 2
Verve: Remixed 2 Back
Verve: Remixed 2 Wide 1
Verve: Unmixed 2
Verve: Remixed 2 Wide 2

And Remixed3 and Unmixed3.

Verve: Remixed 3
Verve: Unmixed 3

David Ellis Double Base Boombox

The sculptor David Ellis has the “Double bass boombox fiddle” available for $15,000. It’s an edition of 3 as is a functioning tube powered stereo. Pretty sweet if you’re Platinum credit card needs a work out.

The majority of the credit lists I found only credited “Hollis King”, the VP, Creative Services at Verve but a few credited “ReHab” which must have rebranded to Graphic Therapy who have the series in their portfolio.

The only photography credited is for Rick Guest for Remixed2. He may not have shot the others though. His portfolio it’s filled with lots of other great music work from Depeche Mode to Jamiroquai.

Verve: Remixed Box Set
Verve released a deluxe box of all the albums (with a rather boring cover) in 2005, which begs the question when is Remixed4 going to be released?