VHS or BETA: Bring on the Comets

Someone recently said to someone that album covers are browsed by thumbnail on a web page more than they are browsed by the cover in the store. This was one album cover that caught my eye as a thumbnail while browsing Amazon. It’s also probably why Ween’s Chocolate & Cheese is one of the most viewed covers on this blog too.

The distorted TV image with its wild colours fits the sound of the music which has a very 80s feel. I wonder if this wasn’t a photo lying around and when the band needed a cover it was an easy choice?

The TV image suits the band’s name which probably means nothing to their younger fans :)

The booklet also has band portraits treated with the TV fuzz. Not sure this really adds anything to the album. It’s also weird that the photos are credited to Wettig photography. Who seem to specialize in weddings?!

VHS or BETA: Bring on the Comets Band Photo

There is also the singles “Burn it all Down” & “Can’t Believe a Single Word” which uses a similar design treatment. I thought it was the same photo but it’s not. But it must have been take at the same time.

VHS or BETA: Burn it all down
VHS or BETA: Cant believe a single word

The designer Greg Foley is a bit of a super star, who is the creative director of the sexy Visionaire magazine. Here is an interesting interview with him on Cool Hunting.

And it’s always good to see the cover design translated to the official band site. Nice touch with the transition effect.

The band also has a video series documenting the making of the album.