Vonnegut Dollhouse - Ornamental Etherworld

From the obscure Vancouver indie band Vonnegut Dollhouse, comes an impressively crafted packaging piece. The cover design stands on its own too and plays along nicely with the overall concept. Designed by Jeff Harrison of Rethink Communications in close collaboration with the band, the cd unfolds to reveal a dollhouse complete with detailed interiors (that were made in miniature and photographed), a fold in roof, the cd as the feature shag carpet rug and popup characters of the band you can snap off and place inside.

Vonnegut Dollhouse - Ornamental Etherworld - Cutout 1

Vonnegut Dollhouse - Ornamental Etherworld - Cutout 3

Vonnegut Dollhouse - Ornamental Etherworld - Cutout 2

Alyson from the band kindly explained the process of how the cover came about and those who were involved:

The members of Vonnegut Dollhouse met with Jeff, and showed him all sorts of images and things that inspire us, including books, cd’s, movies, artwork. Jeff took this information in and went off for a little while to think. Then Jeff came up with the idea for the album to be an actual dollhouse, complete with pop-out dolls of the band members. Jeff showed me his schematics for the dollhouse which got me very excited about the idea. Several people at Rethink and myself (Alyson Fun) and my mom, Gail Budd (controller at Rethink) went on a mission to find props to be used in the photography for the dollhouse. I contributed the lovely brie and wine pieces seen on the kitchen table, and also the french bulldog, who was immortalized as a doll. Paddy Culhane who is a miniatures aficianado, built the sets, including the giant speakers, and Jeff used furniture gathered by the fine people of Rethink. Jeff feng shui’d the sets and props and Clinton Hussey Photographed them.

500 cd’s will be available, to be released independently by the band in a few weeks on cdbaby.com.