Waikiki: Here Comes September

While the band Waikiki may no longer be active (they disbanded in 2004) the influence of this singles art is still prevalent today. You might be sighting the resemblance to the “Supergrass Life on Other Planets” release from the same year but I’m referring to the vector grass. This simple graphic element was everywhere in Australia between 2002-2005 and you still see a few examples today.

The fact that whenever I see vector grass now I refer to it as the “Rinzen” grass. The design collective only have themselves to blame reusing it themselves quite a bit (see below) but it was also “used” by many other designers around that time.

Rinzen Moonlight Cinema 1
Rinzen Moonlight Cinema 2

Adam who post’s on here regularly is good friends with the guys from Rinzen and confirmed this was the first use of “the grass”.

Rinzen is the Aussie equivalent of The Designer Republic. Which are the designers of the “Life on Other Planets” release.

While the collective is now strewn around the world the group still call themselves Australian. You’d be hard up to name another contemporary design company with as much international success. Jeremyville and NathanJ come close.. The previous Aussie design icon was a little less “cool” namely Ken Done. Note: I’m leaving fashion out of this discussion.

Supergrass: Life on Other Planets

I had seen the “Supergrass” album in quite a few design books and we’ll post it soon, but as this was released 3 months earlier it should have precedence. I guess it’s the rainbow and almost mirrored design that makes them look so similar. It’s also funny I’m so obsessed with the grass element and the band that I’m comparing the design to is “Supergrass”. Well funny in a weird way at least.

The single featured above was from the album “I’m Already Home” which had interchangeable covers and a sticker set.

Waikiki: I’m Already Home

And here’s a few of the alternative covers people could choose to add the stickers to.

Waikiki: I’m Already Home Alternate Cover 1
Waikiki: I’m Already Home Alternate Cover 2
Waikiki: I’m Already Home Sticker Sheet

All the CD’s were decorated with simple circular design with a matching colour palette.

Waikiki: I’m Already Home CD

There was also another single released off the album titled “Complicated”. Which reminds me of an episode of Astro Boy where the girlfriend and boyfriend are fused together by a car crash. (I think it was Astro Boy?!)

Waikiki: Complicated

I really like this whole series and how the rainbow is present throughout them all. It’s probably one of the few times you can say “ahh nice rainbow” without someone handing you a “My Little Pony”.

If you crave more of Waikiki the record label informs you to check out Howling Bells which was formed from most of the members of the former band.