Way Out West: Old Grooves for New Streets

This was another cover I noticed while doing updates to the ARIA awards site. It’s one that appeals to me as a designer but also as a photographer. The montage of seemingly thousands of photos is both beautiful and disturbing at the same time.

Here’s a slightly tighter crop of the photos.

Way Out West: Old Grooves for New Streets Crop

If you crop it right down to just a few photos you still get a nice montage.

Nicola Loader Crop photo

The photos come from Melbourne photographer Nicola Loder who created this imagery as a series called “Wild Thing Part 1″ back in 2003. You can check out this series and more here.

Nicola Loader Wild Things Series

The reverse side is another image from the “Wild Things” series. The format is wider crops of the photos which gives a different feel to the texture created.

Way Out West: Old Grooves for New Streets Reverse

The series reminded me of Chris Jordan’s “Running the Numbers” series.

Chris Jordan Mobile Phones

The music’s certainly easy to listen to and I’d hazard a good gift for the jazz or world music loving friend or relative. You can preview a large sample of the tunes on their Myspace page. (Does any band have a real site these days!?!) YOu can also find more info out on Jazz Head’s page for the group.