Ween: Chocolate & Cheese Front

It’s funny but this is the Urban Dictionary meaning for sleevage. For those not as learned in the way of womens anatomy, there is cleavage, side-boob and sleevage. The latter is shown above in this sexy cover for Ween’s Chocolate & Cheese album.

It’s no wonder this is Ween’s best selling album. It has some classic tracks but also sex sells. Just ask The Black Crowes and Aphex Twin. The guys had originally wanted a gay sailor theme for the cover but the record label wisely steered them towards something a little more palatable. Also the H.I.V song might have sent the wrong idea to people.

Imagine how many copies they would have sold with the image below on the cover. I’m guessing less :) Again if you’re ugly let the cover art suggest otherwise.

Ween in Underpants

The album cover also feels very American with the red, white and blue and bling unmistakable. Sadly I can’t track down any info on the belt. I hope it’s in Hard Rock Cafe some where being admired by tourists from behind a perspex box.

Ween God Satan cover

The smiling character featured on the belt has became a Ween icon. It was also the feature of their first album cover. Just do a image search for Boognish to see how it’s become quite popular.

Sadly there also isn’t much info on the model Ashley Savage (sounds like my porn name) on the web. She is said to have dropped modeling short after this cover was shot. The band actually never met her either which is a shame, although. Isn’t that the only reason you start a band to meet hot chicks?

The only Ashley Savage I could find online was this girl. But I doubt it’s her :)

Well there is this very sparse entry in IMDB for a 1997 video Heaven. I’ll leave that to a publication with more resources like Rolling Stone to track her down. If they can find the Nirvana Nevermind kid then they can find her.

The only person I could track down was the photographer of the cover, John Kuczala. Sadly he seems to just shoot boring stock photos and product shots these days.

Here’s the back cover for those wanting more.

Ween: Chocolate & Cheese Back

And for those who have searched Google for “side boob” only to come to this page disappointed I give you Peter Griffin’s Sideboob hour