Australian radio station Triple J has just wound up it’s much hyped Hottest 100 (songs) Of All Time. To be honest, the list has fizzled, merely revealing with its limited scope of winners (Nirvana, RATM, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead et all), that it’s core audience hasn’t shifted since its peak of relevance in the 90’s. The only interesting thing about the list is it’s complete absence of female musicians, as noted by an outraged Clem Bastow in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Here at Sleevage, the covers of great women musicians have always been important – from Debbie Harry, Madonna and Bjork through to M.I.A. and Santogold. However, in response to what Triple J announcer The Doctor admits is a “cock forest”, we’ve decided to pay tribute to five seminal sleeves by important female artists. Proving that women have been important in the history of music is totally unnecessary of course but what a perfect excuse to celebrate some great covers! Watch each day for the latest installment in our five part series.

And please take the opportunity to share with us your favourite sleeves from female musicians, or by female artists/designers.