Wolf & Cub: Vessels Front

Mash Design submitted this to us and again I feel I’m out of the loop as I’ve never heard of Wolf & Cub (I love the name). But again that’s the beauty of interesting artwork, it gets noticed.

This photographic cover reminds me of those “find the item” games where you get a list of odd things to find. That’s the band on the couch on the back cover.

Check out the full wrap around montage which actually loops seamlessly.

I asked Mash if they had any photos that weren’t used and they gave me this “devil baby” gem. If movie producers are looking for the next Omen kid here he is :) I like this kid better than the one on the actual cover but maybe I’m being influenced by the cute girl in glasses.

Wolf & Cub: Devil Baby

This cover has picked up a few awards and with the album also being well received and their current tour they are one to keep an eye out for.

The photo shoot was directed by Mash in conjunction with Andy Irwin. Not this Andy Irwin, a different one who has no online presence.