Yatha Sidhra: A Meditation Mass

You’re probably like me in the fact you’d never heard of Yatha Sidhra let alone this album. But I’ve seen this around and finally got some good artwork to show it off.

The use of the die cut works perfectly. A die cut would have to be one of the cheapest and more effective “tricks” up a designers sleeves. The artwork below is reveal when you open the record cover.

Yatha Sidhra: A Meditation Mass Open

Here is my best attempt to patch up the artwork. All versions of the image had the type removed as seen above.

Yatha Sidhra: A Meditation Mass Combine

The only downside to this would have to be the back cover. It’s like they forgot they needed a back until they sent it to the printer. And then let the printer hack something together.

Yatha Sidhra: A Meditation Mass Back

The music itself which I previewed from here, sounds like Boards of Canada meets Jesus Camp soundtrack, while mixed down by Peter Gabriel with the world music dial set on India. This might explain the Indian motif to the artwork.

The genre of music is termed Krautrock. A generic name for the experimental music scene that appeared in Germany in the late 1960s and gained popularity throughout the 1970s, especially in Britain. Not to be mistaken for the Crocodile Rock :)

After seeing this I remembered Mika’s “Relax” single which uses a similar concept.

Question: Does anyone have any info on the artwork featured on the cover. Was it a custom job or an appropriation of a classical piece?