This striking piece of action photography heralds the third studio release from New York based post-punk act Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The new album It’s Blitz is a departure from their previous work, with more polish and dark hints of disco. Lead singer Karen O’s distinctive vocals are still the band’s signature and this cover art succeeds in capturing the tensions that make her so electric. As sexy as she as she is scary, you want to get her into bed even though you know she’ll eat you’ll alive.

Apart from the sheer beauty of the photography, this cover appears destined for iconic status because it conveys so much with so little. The aggressive fury in the fist plays in stark contrast to the sensuous colours and textures of the egg.

You could see this as a kind of boring feminist/female empowerment image but I don’t think that would be doing it justice. I think this image speaks more about destructive impulses and given the essentially feminine and fertile connotations of eggs, perhaps self-destruction. The chipped, unkept nails say sexy and screw-loose at the same time (once again echoing Karen O’s vocals).

If you want to make a cake, you’ve got to break some eggs. When I look at this cover I think of so many women I know – the one’s that revel in life’s messiness and extremes; that sometimes break things just to see if they can. I’m also reminded that I need more protein in my diet.

While we’re at it, here’s the cover for the album’s first single: